Sinclair C5 is 25 years old

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Re: Sinclair C5 is 25 years old

Postby booboo » Thu Feb 11, 2010 3:14 pm

The c5-25 event went well, there are some pictures on the c5alive forum; ... ic=273.165

(piccies start at page 12...)

We were lucky enough to have one of only two surviving Sinclair factory "off-roader" prototypes - sort of aimed at the golf buggy market rather than trying to take on land Rover :lol:

There were about 16 c5's in total on display, plus accessories and info boards so we are happy we put on a good show 8)

More importantly, we now have a working prototype of our metal gearbox conversion, meaning relaible ,full power 24v conversions are a step closer...
London to Brighton on a Sinclair C5 - 6/5/07 - what a trip !
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Re: Sinclair C5 is 25 years old

Postby ChrisB » Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:51 pm

Love the pics , oh how I envy how easy the C5 is to transport around to these events, thats the only trouble with an EV with a range of 50miles, you only have a 50mile working radius for shows or its a trailer job and the vans too heavy for anything but a large tow vehicle :cry:

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