Quick charger within Basingstoke

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Quick charger within Basingstoke

Postby arsharpe » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:11 pm

Hi All,

If you live within 30 miles of Basingstoke or want to get involved please read on.

In order to improve the EV charging facilities in Basingstoke we have created the Basingstoke Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Partnership. Its aim is to install low-cost charging infrastructure including one or more quick charge points in the town centre. In order to effectively lobby the council we need to understand how the charging facility is likely to be used and therefore need to contact anyone within EV commuting distance of Basingstoke (i.e. 30 miles).

One of the interesting requirements for the quick charger is to support Hampshire's first electric taxi service that is being developed in the town.

If you fit any of the following criteria can you please either join the linkedIn group or email me at robert.sharpe@evergreen-consulting.co.uk directly. So if you have or thinking of getting an EV and

*you live in Basingstoke
*you commute to Basingstoke
*you would travel to Basingstoke for its facilities (e.g. shopping centre, ten pin bowling, ice-rink, etc.)

Thanks a lot for your help to make the area more sustainable :-)

Robert Sharpe (Technical Director)
07711 252971

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