Prius PHEV kit for sale located in south wales

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Prius PHEV kit for sale located in south wales

Postby glyndwr1998 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:21 pm


I have got an Enginer version 5 PHEV kit for sale. It has got 4Kwh of batteries, and a 5KW converter that ups the battery voltage to the car HV battery voltage.

I installed this myself last year and i am in the process of an upgrade to a higher spec system.

The kit is fully working and is still installed in the car so it can be seen working and fully tested.

I can also help install it in the buyers car, its not difficult to do to be honest.

As a guage, living in my area I was averaging 46mpg in the prius before the kit was fitted, i now average over 80mpg, and have acheived over 100mpg when alot of my driving was short trips then utilizing all electric driving.

I am looking to sell the kit for £1250, and if help is required to install, I`ll give some time to try to get as much done as possible in the time thats left in the day.

Please ask if you have any questions.

Thanks, Anthony.

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