A word of advice for City El Owners...

Own the fantastic City El trike ?
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A word of advice for City El Owners...

Postby aminorjourney » Fri Nov 09, 2007 3:27 pm

I didn't realise just how easy it is to lock the brakes on the City El!

Yesterday I was descending Cotham Brow (a rather steep downhill from where I was teaching) and while I didn't accelerate out of the junction I'd come from I found myself at 25 mph quite quickly.

Bristol, as you know, is known for it's congestion and so I thought "Hmm, perhaps I should just slow down a bit so the oncoming car doesn't have to plough in to me". I'm sure you've all thought that. It's the kind of "them or me" moment.

Anyway, wet leaves (remember British Rail's old excuse?) combined with small City El tyres and a steep hill meant my car went skating.

I realised quickly and pumped the brakes to unlock and re-apply pressure, but it did still get me unawares.

So, if you have a small EV like the City El and are driving around this winter don't brake too hard - and be aware you may just skid! You loose steering too, since the front wheel just merrily goes the direction the back ones are heading in!

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Postby ChrisB » Sat Nov 10, 2007 12:11 pm

and that combined with the lack of weight now you run li-ion's Nikki I recon wont help :wink:

Good advice mind you

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