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British Gas Charger

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:52 pm
by Rory166
Hi All

Just got the phone call today from British Gas about installing my charger. They offered the 99 pound upgrade which they state will allow me to charge in 4 hours as I have a 2013 Leaf. I explained that I do not have the 850 pound option of a 6.7 Kw charger so actually it wont be any quicker. She also offered a universal option which works with all electric cars again in 16 or 30 amps rating still saying 4 hours to charge my Leaf so my previous explanation had gone in one ear and straight out the other. Anyway I went for the most expensive deal so I will find out what it actually is when it arrives.


Re: British Gas Charger

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 11:45 am
by timpootle
More amps is always good. I hope they are giving you a socket rather than fixed trailing lead.

Re: British Gas Charger

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:46 pm
by glyndwr1998
Hi Rory,

I had the same charge point fitted a few months ago.

The options were a 16a charge point for free


A 32 a charge point for £99.

I opted for the 32a option, the chap that fitted it only does 1 a day as they can never tell what type of install it will be and how far the charge point is from the consumer unit.
He said the first 10m of cable was with the install and should paid by the metre after that point, but he also said that he has never charged anyone for of the additional cable if it was required.

We had a great laugh and a chat during the install as I was home at the time, primed him with lots of tea and bacon sandwiches, and the install went very well.

In addition nothing was said about the additional £99 for the 32a option, and left it like that.

I haven't used it yet as I haven't got a j1772 socket on my plug in hybrid mod, hoping the sockets drop in price, I think it's over £100 just for the socket end..."


Re: British Gas Charger

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 5:51 pm
by Rory166
In my view chaos and confusion reins. I was asked to pay up front and there are now 2 more options. The universal charger at 16 or 32 A cost 60 or 130 if I remember. They are now expected to do 4 per day it would seem, I foolishly chose the last slot of the day so may be disappointed.


Re: British Gas Charger

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 9:59 am
by martinwinlow
Rory166 wrote: ...from British Gas about installing my charger.

Sorry to be pedantic but what you are having installed is not a charger but an 'electric vehicle service equipment', 'charge point' or whatever but certainly not a charger as this is what you have in your car.

I point this out only because it annoys me that the Government is forcing these extremely expensive (to the taxpayer) things down our throats for very little useful purpose other than to allow the 'powers that be' to spy on us - each one contains a GSM transceiver that reports our charging habits back to HQ. Beyond that, it is really just a big switch. If you have the 3.6kW LEAF there is really very little advantage to be had to just using your standard charging lead.

If you want the convenience of just pulling up and plugging in then spare standard 240V charging leads regularly come up on ebay for little more than £100. You can then leave these permanently connected to the mains (ideally via an over-ridable timer of some sort) If you want a proper EVSE you can get them for free from and not subscribe to the HMG's moronic and Big Brotherly attitude to 'encouraging' EV take-up.

Re: British Gas Charger

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:52 pm
by glyndwr1998
I believe that the gsm receiver has to be in use for 2 years, after that time you can if you wish disable the gsm transmitter.

I am aware it is not a charger, just a high current 32a access point.

I do,charge my plug in hybrid pack with a standard 13a plug, and this does get mildly warm during charge.

I haven't used the charge point yet as I haven't Got an ev yet, and to use the prius with it I need an evse charge adaptor and a j1772 socket, both of which I don't really need yet as I can charge without any additional equipment using a standard plug.

Waiting for a leaf to get to about £5000 before I plunge into a full ev, I've got a few years waiting to go by the looks of things, until then my self converted plug in prius is doing a great job.

On my last £20 of fuel I managed to drive for 890 miles, wich is great. I am really happy with the phev kit and the way it is functioning.