Battery charging question.

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Battery charging question.

Postby eddieb » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:45 am

I am asking this question because I believe that I might have overcharged my batteries i.e ruined them? Reason for asking: The Diagnostic light flashes continuously after a one mile of travel. The book doesn't have a continuous flashing solution although a single flash indicates low battery charge.

I have a small mobility scooter which is commonly known as a Boot scooter. It has a 12v 15ah battery and is charged with an off board charger which has a DC output of 24v/1.8a max. When I first got the scooter ( it was a demo model and in showroom condition with a 12v 12ah battery which I replaced ) I followed the charging instructions as per the book. A short while later after a run to the shops ( round trip of 1.6 miles, I checked the distance with my cycle computer ) I removed the battery and connected the charger and went to do something , shortly afterwards I noticed the light on the charger had change from Red to Green. I realised that this was far to soon for it to be charged, I then placed my left hand on the battery box handle and using my right hand wiggled the XLR connector at which time the light changed to Red. I lightly wedged the XLR connector in position so as I didn't have to stand holding it. The Red light stayed on for a further 38 minutes. The next time I used the scooter it seemed to run a lot smoother and quieter.
Under this charging regime the battery takes approx three hours to charge.
So to my question, have I ruined the batteries.

The batteries were two months old when purchased. According to the manufacturers specs the scooter should travel 9.4 miles on new batteries with a riders weight of 12 stone. I weigh 13 stone.

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