GoCycle e-bike

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GoCycle e-bike

Postby Jon Fray » Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:36 pm

I saw an industry-focussed advert for the new GoCycle e-bike (www.bikebiz.com). Aparently there are 200 out in the world being tried and tested currently. "They have 9Ah NiMH battery and a 250 Watt plug and play motor with controller that is USB programmable which can go on for 3-5 hours on battery power and 6-20 miles on pedaling."

I think I saw one whiz past last October near my home. It must've been one of these as one of the so-called GoCycle 'pioneers' is in Richmond Upon Thames.

Probably won't be as ubiquitous as the iPod.



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