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New AC Propulsion GEN3 inverter + liquid cooled motor

Posted: Mon May 14, 2012 3:31 pm
by Kevin Sharpe
"AC Propulsion launch Gen-3 Electric Drive System at EVS26

AC Propulsion has introduced a new third generation Electric Drive System at EVS26. This system features the same 150 kW peak power capability as the Gen 2 system but is updated with revised system architecture and capabilities.

New features include: reduced size and weight, dual CAN buses and digital system controls. Also new are companion products HVDC-to-12VDC power supply, Battery Pack Control Module and Driver Interface Module. The unique integrated “Reductive” battery charger function is retained which allows up to 18 kW of recharge power for reduced charge time, reduced cost and reduced weight.

Also being introduced is the LCM-150 Liquid-cooled motor. Keeping with the company’s focus on induction motors, this induction machine has the same peak power capability of the AC-150 air-cooled motor (greater than 200 kW), but more than doubles the continuous power rating to 100 kW.

Rotor heat transfer has traditionally been a barrier for higher power applications. The patent-pending design cools the rotor as well as the stator. This greatly expands the application for heavier vehicles."