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LCEV Show 2012

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:46 am
by retepsnikrep
Cenex LCV2012 ? Low Carbon Vehicle Event, 5 & 6 September 2012, Millbrook

I went to this recently with Paul and Jeremy from Oaktec (UK G1 Rally Car) we stayed overnight wednesday locally and then mooched round on thursday.

Entry is free (have to print your e-ticket from the website) so perhaps might see some other UK enthusiasts about next year.

Got to drive the following cars around the Millbrook proving ground and banked circuit.

1) Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell People carrier. Excellent with 100kw power.
2) Nissan Leaf EV that has 80kw. Also very Good.
3) Plug in Toyota Prius. Good but noisy engine.
4) Renault three cylinder thing with variable speed supercharger. Not bad for an IC car.

Networked with lots of clever people at loads of EV company stands and found the ultimate motor for a G1 Insight EV conversion.

Yasa 400 Motor and Sevcon Gen 4 Inverter. Combined price for both £10,000

YASA-400 | YASA Motors

However the 3 phase axial flux motor was 400nm x 150kw peak power at 400V x 400A around 95% effcient and weighed 22kg.
I'm now salivating looking at the spec sheets. I had it on my hands on the stand, pity it would not fit under my coat!

I have the 4 x 60 ah 28S3P A123 modules to drive the system and it would bolt straight onto gearbox input shaft!!

A few pics.

The green beast had 4 of the YASA 750 series motors and 4 x 700 volt controller!!!

They were paired and ran 2/1 reduction then straight to the driveshaft.