ASDA superstore GOSPORT get charging points

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ASDA superstore GOSPORT get charging points

Postby mattcarr » Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:43 pm

The Asda store in Gosport now has a couple of charging posts, offering charging for up to 4 cars. I went to have a peek at them.

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They are the chargemaster points and you will need an access card in order to operate them. As you can see from the picture the spaces get filled with ICE cars. There was one space free when I got there. My car got lots of attention when I plugged it in. And a couple of the drivers came back looking a bit sheepish when they saw me there with my car on charge !!

The spaces are right outside the front of the store, so I am not surprised that ICE drivers use the spaces.

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Re: ASDA superstore GOSPORT get charging points

Postby Beemer » Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:02 am

Hi Matt and peeps.
Good post Matt.
Asda has a good record of installing EV charge points and finding them are readily accessible on the 'net.!/

Below is a link for the area around Gosport "PO12" and using the filter icon for Asda's charging points.!/search/ ... charging=1.

I'm up in the bleak North West but seem to be better catered for. :shock:
But wait... there's more!
Pod Point has a couple in your area:-

Plus another four on our site ;)

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