Anyone know anything about the nice mycar ev?

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Anyone know anything about the nice mycar ev?

Postby glyndwr1998 » Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:31 pm

Hi all

Just wondering has anyone come into contact / driven the Nice ev mycar, it's an Italian designed American built ev previously owned by a Hong Kong company.

Seen one very cheap (for an ev) 48v sla batteries with a 5kw ( yes 5kw) motor, prob not enough power to pull back an elephants foreskin.

Anyway the question I want to ask is, what controller have they got, can it be modded. Or reprogrammed and a larger fork truck type motor fitted to get it to go alittle faster, say 55 to 60 mph. Maybe also raise the voltage....

Thoughts anyone.

Thanks, anthony.

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