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Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:58 pm
by Grumpy-b
I had the chance to take a new BMW i3 out for a drive. Its a really nice car to drive. Huge regen gives it a single pedal drive ability, something I enjoy but I know many dont like this. I have no idea if it can be changed or not.
My overall impression was of a car that drove well, handled well, had far too much bright display screen information on its Two screens, and an interior panel finish that looks like they still have the protective covering on. Many of the parts are really flimsy, I guess to save weight, but the charge flap is so light and bendy that I can see a good market for replacements.
Inside its as if they have spent all their effort on the technology, but the overall impression was of, it will be nice when they finish it. The panels have a strange finish, a bit like slightly coarse (used as in dirty grey) garden fleece (Spun woven fabric) of many layers compressed into a sheet then moulded into the dash and door panels. What it would be like with chocolately fingers or an apple laid on it I have no idea. It reminded me of an unfinished pre production Corsa my son brought over a few years ago.
But it is a superb drive. This one had the range extender which only has a 9 ltr tank, as apparently in California you can only have a range extender that can match the original EV range.Not sure if thats true or not. It has a number of operational regimes, one of which is to maintain the current state of discharge. The engine when it cut in was almost inaudible.
This worked a treat.
A nice car, Im unsure of its market, except I doubt it would be so good with grubby kids or a dog or a person who puts an uneaten apple on the flat dash.
I really did find the dashboard displays to be so data excessive as to be virtually unreadable in use. You just cant take it all in. To do so you wouldnt be taking any notice of the road.
It almost needs to give you the set up options then mostly close down to the bare necessities. I guess the TESLA suffers from this in an even more extreme way with its Laptop screen set vertically in the centre of the dash.

Give the opportunity would I have one. Yes but I would hate the interior and the displays.

Re: BMW I3

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:05 am
by Rory166

Any idea how to open the bonnet to look at the motor? They have the i8 which is 100g apparently. That looks well space ship styling but again no idea how to open the boot or bonnet.

Talking of regen I think I could get used to one pedal. Not much adjustment with the leaf.


Re: BMW I3

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:07 pm
by subevo
Just put a deposit on one.4 month wait.
Test was the Rex.felt very very quick.i liked it a lot.its basically an electric hot hatch.
Test drove a leaf.good but too slow for me.i would get bored after a few weeks.

Re: BMW I3

Posted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 7:09 pm
by Rory166

I am confused by your opinion of the Leaf. I leave it in Eco which I find quite enough. I do think that it likes to be driven economically but if ever I have put my foot down I have been more than satisfied. You can never get caught in the wrong gear for example. When I have demonstrated its capabilities I easily saw an indicated 100 mph without really trying. Yesterday on a short trip I decided to Leave a set of traffic lights and get the road to myself, looking in the mirror I could barely make out the other vehicles I had been alongside. The official 10+ seconds to 60 doesn't seem to do it justice. I am not sure that I have ever put the pedal to the metal as is familiar in petrol cars.

It might be nice to try the i3 but I doubt I would want to spend twice the price I paid for the Leaf.


PS found the specs. 168 bhp vs 109 bhp and 7.5 sec to 60 vs 10.1 sec to 60. So quicker.