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Beryl - Bradshaw FB2

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:41 pm
by Night Train
I am about to acquire Beryl, the Bradshaw FB2 my wife used to drive when she worked for St Nicholas Fields in York.
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Beryl is in pretty poor shape, batteries are lead and dead, chassis is very rusty, and tyres are solid rubber.
We were over over in York last week and began to dismantle the rear body for reuse on their replacement vehicle, a Goupil G3 wide chassis.
Beryl Dismantle.jpg
Beryl Dismantle.jpg (104.75 KiB) Viewed 14394 times

I will have the rest of Beryl to refurbish back to road worthiness. Beryl is road legal but I want to switch to pneumatic tyres and increase the speed from 15mph to 30mph. I will have to rebuild a lot of the chassis to replace the rotten sections.

As I have a 48V lithium battery pack waiting to go in the tractor I decided to put that in a portable box to use to move Beryl, and also as a swappable pack between Beryl and the tractor. I am hoping to increase the pack to 72V at a later date for both vehicles. In the meantime the portable pack will be used to move Beryl out of St Nick's for loading onto my trailer.
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I just need a charger now.

Re: Beryl - Bradshaw FB2

Posted: Sun May 03, 2015 8:38 pm
by Night Train
Beryl is now on my driveway! :D
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She was not easy to move as her brake pads were rusted onto the discs and there was an electrical fault I couldn't resolve insitu when we plugged in the battery pack.

We ended up hand winching her out of her parking space inside St Nicks and then having to push her into my trailer with the Goupil as the hand winch just wasn't up to pulling her up the ramps.

I have now installed an electric winch inside the trailer.