Fully Charged Live

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Fully Charged Live

Postby doopercoupe » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:26 am

My take on yesterdays visit to Fully Charged Live.

45 minutes of queuing on the A43 what the hell is it like on Race days? Left leg still aching (Old tech Peugeot Partner).
No signage or stewards to show you the quickest way to the shuttle transport resulting in a 20 minute hike.

No opportunity to test drive except for some electric skateboards.

No BVS representation, sooo wanted to chin wag with like minded people.

Indoor venue way too claustrophobic.

Stage areas too small, impossible to see the guest speakers.

Not enough component manufacturers or agents. Where can we buy battery packs, control units, motors, charging units etc?

Despite the above moaning it was worth the visit to a maiden dedicated show. But for goodness sake make the next one in an appropriate venue with genuinely knowledgeable people.

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