Turn Ign and nothing happens.

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Turn Ign and nothing happens.

Postby Grumpy-b » Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:11 am

Two of my customers have recently left their cars for a while and the 12v battery has gone flat, result nothing works.
You then need to charge the 12v battery , early ones have the std 12v battery under the bonnet on the near side. Later ones have a Gel battery under the rear boot floor.
If you have a modern intelligent charger, it probably wont charge but will tell you the 12v battery is duff. Its actually just too low a voltage to get the charger to work.
Use an older dumb charger , or
Use a jump lead to another battery / car, leave for a couple of minutes, then try the ign, it should now come live, as it comes alive, the onboard DC to DC will kick in and top up the battery. Disconnect the jump leads, and leave the ign on for say 15 minutes. After that connect the 12v charger and the charger should now work, turn off the ign. Leave to cook for a few hours. 8 hours should see it fully charged.
If your charger has an option for fast / higher current charge, dont use it.
All should now be OK, If after this the 12v battery goes flat quickly then it probably needs replacing. The Gel battery in the rear can be obtained from various Ebay vendors, or from www.rapidonline.co.uk.
If the car has been flat for a number of days, its possible that the onboard battery that maintains the date in the BMS, will have gone flat. This normally doesnt stop the car, but does mean the data in the BMS cant be downloaded, as it will now have bad date stamps on some of the data.(Or if you havnt had it downloaded in the last 18months it wont matter as no new data will be held anyway).
The battery is hard to get and is soldered onto the board. I do a mod putting in a suitable cell holder to hold a std button cell. But its a BMS Out job to do this.
The date can be reset usning a Netbook hired from me , but the date will be lost again if 12v battery is allowed to go flat.
I also make a small kit that monitors the 12v battery and turns on the DC top DC converter if the supply goes below 12.2v for 20 seconds(allows drop from central locking to recover) Not a simple fit though.

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