(Pls contribute to) Practical SAFT batt life data.

If you own a Electrique or any of the other PSA range of vehicles then look here for your answers and post your questions or general views here
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(Pls contribute to) Practical SAFT batt life data.

Postby arsharpe » Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:22 pm

The aim of this post is to allow pulling together actual battery failure data to get a better idea of expected life for vehicles with SAFT batteries. To get a good idea of general reliability, it needs as much battery (failure or ok) data as possible.

The info at Whats the highest mileage Berlingo/PSA car out there? has been included in the results below.

If you can add any more data (either directly to the google document which I can give you access to) or posting in the suggested format below, then that would be great.

Examples of options:
...Vehicle: Berlingo/Partner/106
...Battery Details: month/year (batch ??)
...Type of failure and mileage: Capacity/Exploded @ xx miles
...Contact: arsharpe
...Other Info: Unknown battery history

In other info it would also be useful to know if a set of cells start failing, do the remainder of the cells remain ok or eventually all fail ?

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