2008 AGM election issues. Your chance to vote for the Chair!

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Postby JonSpence » Tue May 20, 2008 12:32 pm

SaintMaryUK wrote:Personally, I see no problem with people who know a bit about one or both of the 2 Johns posting to the forum to say "I am voting for X because I think Y". And just because you are on the committee I don't think you should be disallowed that right to free speech and expressing an opinion.

Can I say "Here, here" to that. As a new member I have had very little time to form more than a shallow opinion of either John. What is more Mr Lilly does not seem to have campaigned in BVR while Mr Clayton claims our current problems are due to undemocratic decisions by Mr Lilly.

I do not wish to alienate long standing members but the opinions of newer members do count as well. I am firmly in favour of the newer, some would say, more glossy approach that the society has adopted recently. I receive glossy A4 copies of "The Engineer" and "Engineering & Technology" and don't note that their content suffers by the choice of format. Both are likewise available on the web, though you have to be a member to get E&T. Last news membership of IET was of the order of £100pa.

Can I also say, "Thanks Mary".
I will take advantage of your kind offer to collect my vote by email, probably tomorrow. I hope that your server doesn't collapse under the strain.

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Postby qdos » Fri May 23, 2008 9:05 pm

To remind people you've got till 12noon Saturday to get your votes in to Mary

2008 AGM Voting Form

Further to the recent last minute change of AGM date, the committee has taken the decision to invite members to vote for their choice of Chair by means other than attending the AGM in person.

Two candidates have come forward to stand for the post of Chair:

John Lilly the current chair and John Crayton the current Vice Chair.

Members are invited to vote for their preferred Chair by completing and returning the form below or by contacting Mary Perkins (Acting Secretary) by telephone or by email to register their vote. Due to the short time-scale we are happy to accept telephone and email votes.

To be counted, your vote must be accompanied by your valid membership number and your full name, address and telephone number, so that we can confirm that you are a member.

All votes must be received by 12 noon on Saturday 24th May or failing that in person at the AGM on Sunday 25th May.

Voting Form:

I would like to vote for ________________ as Chair of the BVS

Signed ____________________________
Print Name ________________________
Membership Number _________________
Postal Address ____________________
Telephone Number __________________

Please e-mail the information required above to


or Telephone with the above information to
0800 083 2171

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