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Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:01 am
by MaryRCrumpton
Well, the weather isn't looking too bad, and we are expecting about 15 vehicles in the display, plus a Lynch motor to poke at.

The BBC will definitely be there at some point too.

Looking forward to seeing everyone,


Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 12:28 pm
by MaryRCrumpton
A big thank you to everyone who came along yesterday and made our event such a huge success!

We had around 20 vehicles in the end, bought along by our members. These included electrically assisted pedal bikes, scooters, motorbikes, cars, minivans, a milkfloat, and a model aeroplane. The vehicles ranged from historic Enfields and a Winncity bike, through to the cutting-edge Vectrix Scooter and the Trend-E car.

The general public were really interested in the display and asking lots of questions, and the BBC turned up to take a wander round the display with me and hear all about it in a live broadcast.

Then there were the two talks: Antoni Offert and Clive Williams, our two speakers, were excellent. It was lovely looking round at a lecture theatre full of EV enthusiasts, and members of the general public, enthralled by battery technology in the morning and historical EVs in the afternoon. The talks were followed by an outdoor demonstration, from Derek Manly, on Lynch Motors. Derek pulled in the crowds as he demonstrated the motor in action, and then took it apart and talked about how it worked.

It was a really fantastic day. By the time it was finished I was so exhausted I could barely move! But gosh it was worth it :-)

A special thank you to the excellent speakers and the vehicle owners. Thanks also to Timpootle and Stuart Quinn-Harvie who worked their cotton socks off, and Cat Rushmore from the museum.

We have an open invitation from the museum to return at some point. And given that they generously gave me use of all their facilities for free, I am sure we'll be back!

Meanwhile, I guess I'd better start planning our next event - Saturday 4th October - put it in your diaries now :-)