London (IMechE) : 18 Oct eve : Innovative Vehicles lecture

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London (IMechE) : 18 Oct eve : Innovative Vehicles lecture

Postby philaedwards » Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:13 am

Frre event at IMechE in Birdcage Walk, London. 17:15 for 18:00

Details at

Summary: Innovation is such an integral part of engineering that the tendency is to take it for granted. This lecture examines the paradox of innovation, and the challenges faced when developing ground-breaking vehicles to meet the demands of the global markets.

Innovation is rarely spontaneous; it is more likely to surface when tackling big challenges: President Kennedy challenged America to put a man on the moon, Winston Churchill asked searching questions of the nation when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles during the second world war. Likewise, Tata Motors is fostering a culture which encourages originality. This lecture highlights some of the innovative ideas that engineers have developed in their quest to deliver an economical family car costing only one lakh rupees (£1,200).

Furthermore, the ‘out-of-the box challenge’ that is currently taxing the best brains of the automotive industry, is the development of new-generation vehicles that balance the customers’ demands for autonomous on-demand travel with the environmental issues surrounding global climate change. In response, Tata Motors has developed a range of electric vehicles with the flexibility of diesel and gasoline cars at an affordable price. This process will be described, along with a variety of cutting-edge solutions. Learn how Tata Motors continues to foster and encourage innovation in the advancement of its work processes and products. Discover what its future holds.

Presented by Dr Clive Hickman, Managing Director, Tata Motors European Technical Centre
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