Zero To Put Battery Swap To The Test In 3 Hour Sand Race

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Zero To Put Battery Swap To The Test In 3 Hour Sand Race

Postby ex925 » Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:17 am

At the end of this month Zero Motorcycles and French powersports dealer ATV Quad 31 will take part in the Le Touquet Enduropale, a 3 hour race in the deep sands of Northern France. French mountain biking champion Thibault Veuillet will ride the Zero MX through the power robbing sand. 15 to 20 minute laps will force a battery swap every lap resulting in 9 total swaps. If the electric team wants to be competitive they will need to minimize the time involved in removing the spent pack and installing a fresh one.

Currently a race series dedicated to electric dirtbikes does not exist. With the success of TTXGP in organizing an electric road racing series it’s only a matter of time before one springs up. The experience gained in this race should give Zero an edge when it does.

Check out some pics from the 2007 Le Touquet Enduropale to get an idea of the abuse the Zero MX will be subjected to.
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