Sustainability Centre Petersfield Hampshire Sunday May 13th

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Postby qdos » Sun May 13, 2007 7:14 pm

Ah good we'll have a chat then :)
ChrisB wrote:Yes Qdos I'll be at the burley meet causing mayhem :wink:
bit of a shame the show was a washout inseveral senses. I think the word that might be applied is 'spin'.

If the VW was there then your van should have been in too. I've had the same sad demand for money showing up in my kit cars at a couple of kit car shows before myself too and driven hundreds of miles to take part. Without us there would be no show to put on I say, but do they care??

These days it seem the organisers are more interested in how much they can charge people for entry either to see or be seen at the shows

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Postby ChrisB » Sun May 13, 2007 8:10 pm

I thought that about it when I saw the VW but alas no I think it was more an advertising thing aka trader.

Not that I saw the owner/trader of the items ?? and I popped back a couple of times.

As you say you would have thought they would have loved to have a EV or two turn up as I might have been able to persuade gooroo whos a member here and only lives up the road from me and drives a berlingo as well.

Ah well, theres always next year.

See ya at the meet

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