Please Support the EV-Network Charging database

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Please Support the EV-Network Charging database

Postby aminorjourney » Sat May 26, 2007 8:39 pm

If you're arriving to these forums for the first time and are either an EV owner or someone willing to support EV owners in need of a charge then please add your name to the EV-Network Membership Directory.

Started a few months ago by G-Wiz owner and BVS member Tim Nicklin it is a great way of EV owners sharing charging facilities for those who are far from home and low on power.

While most EV owners do plan their trips to be within the capabilities of their EV's range it's great to have a list of people who you know will offer you a friendly face and a charge if you do need to make a longer trip. You never know, you may even make a new friend!

The EV-network is split into two sections. There's public charging points (such as those in Westminster or at shopping centres, for example) and then there's Member charging points. The latter requires you to join up and register your own charging facilities. It's very simple to use and Tim has even programed a google map and POI database so you can feed it into your GPS or print off a map (or list) and take with you.

At last week's Committee meeting the BVS officially 'endorsed' what Tim is doing so it's very important as many of us join in and support him as is possible!


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