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Another world......? from Ed

Postby ex925 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:16 pm

I sometimes fantasise another world evolving from how we are here, now, using existing evolving technology
1 Personal and public transport woven together so solar energy suffices
1.1 Local ultra-light linked-railcar trainsets on short continuous circuits, sets exchanging at solar charge-stations
1.2 For Mainline, scale-up, more railcars per set, to maximum-range links between bigger exchange/charge-stations
1.3 All to carry up to 1 "Personal-EV" (superior vn. of new Sinclair C1?) per (3?) passengers

No motorways, scenic ultra-light-EV roads, no sprawling airports, clear skies without jetliner trails
Long-haul only vacational due to video-phones, so leisurely pace, enjoying the journey...
( [electric] motor-sailer super-liner cities on short-stop cruising global-circuits...??)
No oil-wars, money downgraded to a sole role as "small-change" in economic barter, no currency-trading, no patents
International status by social contribution, war sublimated to a race for gross national happiness (see Bhutan)

Oh, well, maybe I'd better start back on my medication again............

Unless anyone else would like to post their daydreams?

Happy Christmas to all, from Jeanie & Ed. in Plymouth, England

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