Eastyorkshire member in need of advise.

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Eastyorkshire member in need of advise.

Postby p.howroyd » Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:46 am

Hi guys being a relativley new member, it would be very useful to me to meet up and talk EV with another member
who is running one that has been home converted.
I live in a Sleepy sea side town ( Withernsea. Eastyorkshire) if you are near my area and wouldnt mind me asking 1000
Questions please get back to me or ring 07889242716 I am experienced in the electrical engineering both dc and Ac world but
a EV conversion is a bit different and i would like to get it right within reason first time,I would be very happy to hear from some one.
Cheers Pete

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Re: Eastyorkshire member in need of advise.

Postby Beemer » Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:27 pm

Hi Pete,
You ARE in a corner! :lol:

I would guess meeting up at any of the big meets where electric cars are on display. Details in this forum. This Monday night there is a small gathering in Manchester but its a bit of a haul for you.

In internetland there are many bloggers, youtubers, forums and such that can be a mine of (dis)information.

I always suggest for starters EVTV - Electric vehicle Television http://www.evtv.me/
As for things to buy and where to buy from its always best to read what are the best products from the people who have tried, usually to death. :wink:


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Re: Eastyorkshire member in need of advise.

Postby p.howroyd » Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:36 am

Hi Andy, yes in veiw of the fact that i am as you say in a corner this has 2 disadvantages, not able to get to local meetings and 2. i need the range of my vehical .
So for the Ev to be useful i need 70-80 miles range for the longest trips on one charge to manage a trip into Hull and areas
and back, I am looking at converting something like an early Focus or similar and its become obvious i need to power it with Lipos.
Have you or any one else got one running with this range.?
I did want to go ac but due to cost i think dc is the sensable system to keep the cost at a reasonable level. Im also aware that the higher the voltage the less current needed.The basics of gear I need to give me a bench mark.
Any Help would be gratefully received.

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Re: Eastyorkshire member in need of advise.

Postby Beemer » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:26 am

Well, a rough guide.
Lipo's (Lithium polymers) are NOT suitable nor safe enough for vehicles.

Look in batteries on this forum:
CALB's are the best way to go for the home builder.

Consumption is normally the weight in lbs divided by ten which gives WH/mile. Calculate the usable 80% of battery capacity by the above figure to give your range. So a 2,500lb car 'can' be 250WH/mile. With a 30KWH pack that's 96 miles.

A series wound motor gives good free wheeling; something that you can practice onh any car with a clutch. You're best with a slippery body and low RR (eco) tyres and your tracking set for no toe-in/out for best effect.
Converting a diesel is mechanically and electrically cheaper and easier in every regard.

Go for quality components. Errors in this regard are big hassle and work out more expensive. Jack Rickard of EVTV is on the ball testing for and selling the best things but is not the cheapest. On the other hand can be trusted.

Don't consider EV's a way to save money even though they can. They are more for the quality of drive. If you pull any old motor apart, no matter what you throw in it and spend on it, its still an old motor.

Tim Pootle, our resident webmeister on here has an old Citreon Berlingo with a huge (600AH), 90KwH pack in the back. He took my new G/F for a quick spin around the block the other night. She came back smiling from ear to ear, lol. She couldn't get over how good it feels, the way it picks up and how quiet and smooth it is. His 90KwH should easily clear a 250 miles range but his small charger will literally take days to "fill 'er up!".

Voltage basically gives a function of RPM and current is torque. Going for silly voltages either way means your contactors, DC/DC convertors etc. etc. will be either more expensive or very hard to impossible to get.

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