Electric sprint racing in the UK

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Electric sprint racing in the UK

Postby johnev » Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:08 pm

Hi everyone, I've now completed two sprint races with my Westfield Sport E. It’s been a steep learning curve for me as a novice racer. My first outing was to the Croft circuit near Darlington. The car was fast but the chassis needed setting up and I was too slow. I've since competed at the MIRA test track in the rain and my lap times have improved somewhat and were comparable with the ICE cars – at least in the rain.

Sprint racing is ideal for battery powered vehicles because you have just 4 or 5 ‘sprints’ around the track. Usually that's 2 practice laps and 2 timed laps. In the case of Croft, it's about 90 seconds each lap. I have a 24KW/hr battery and even with a peak motor power if 140KW that’s more than enough charge for a day’s sprinting. Electrically the car worked fine. My challenges are to sort the chassis handling, remove weight from the car and learn how to drive!

But there’s a problem; the ICE Westfield sprint racing community have welcomed me with open arms, they are really friendly and I'm having fun – but as the only electric competitor it’s a bit lonely. I know one other person racing an electric car in the UK (Mitsubishi i-MiEV in a different race series to me) but we could do with a bit more competition.

Is there anyone else out there that wants to build or race electric cars? If so come out and play. :D


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Re: Electric sprint racing in the UK

Postby retepsnikrep » Fri Jun 13, 2014 5:34 am

Few friends and I might enter the Dave Allan endurance race next year at Castle Combe in our G1 Insight Hybrid.

Might have a look at sprinting the car locally as well.
I live near Thirsk so Croft is handy for me until July when we move to the coast.

Will be attending a Croft track day in next couple of months in my own tweaked G1 Insight.
Perhaps see you at a trackday and some passenger laps in both cars. :wink:

Where do you live?
Regards Peter

Two MK1 Honda Insight's. One running 20ah A123 Lithium pack. One 8ah BetterBattery Nimh pack.
One HCH1 Civic Hybrid running 60ah A123 Lithium pack.

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Re: Electric sprint racing in the UK

Postby johnev » Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:25 am

Hi Peter,

I live in Leicester so I have to trailer my car to events. Despite having a 23KW battery, I get about 10-15 minutes of track time - 120KW motor and a heavy right foot! :)

My charger is only 3KW which gives an 8 hour recharge - so not much use on a track day.

I'm working on a high power charger and generator idea at the moment. The generator needs to be at least 20KW and portable (lightweight) - another big project. Since hybrids are the future, perhaps I should put the generator in the car :lol:

The sprint car is road legal so if your in Leicester (3 miles from M1 J21) pop in and say hi.


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