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Battery charging overview

Postby PeterJ386 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:21 am

Hi to anyone reading this ...and thanks in advance for taking the time.

Being honest, this is a forum I never would have imagined becoming a part of ...but I need some help and well, fingers crossed this is the place to get it.

I'm in sales (or hope to be again) and have a job interview next week. This company from the Far East take in lead acid batteries and recharge them. As I understand it, they operate in Singapore and Hong Kong They offer this service for forklifts, taxis, buses etc. The company are looking to set up an operation in the UK, a regional office and charging station I guess. I believe FLT is their biggest market.

Since finding out about the opportunity I have been trying to get an overview of the market place, preparing myself for the interview ...but its a minefield with the only constant being what appears to be a cynical reaction to claims about the ability to recharge a dead battery.

So ahead of next week I think I will be so much better prepared if I have some basic knowledge on the different technologies/methods in the market. I assume there are several ways to do this, with varying degrees of success? The problem I'm having is that Google is designed to throw nothing but ads in my face...where to buy batteries etc. ..

I could also do with an overview of how UK companies manage their batteries/forklift servicing (typical). For instance, would a company with a fleet of FLT manage the batteries in house or would they have a service company that does this for them? Are there 'big' players in the FLT service market? If so, I guess these would be the people I need to target, rather than end-users.

My understanding of the company is sketchy. They claim to have the ability to take in batteries considered dead and charge them to around 80% full. Does this sound feasible. I need this to go well but of course it would also be very useful to know if the whole concept is all a bit 'pie in the sky' so to speak. I will get more info on the technology and post up here when I can.

Thank you to anyone still with me and hope its possible to point me towards some relevant reading material.

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Re: Battery charging overview

Postby PeterJ386 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:44 pm

Here's some blurb from the company website.To avoid any suggestion I (esp as a new member) might be dropping ads in, I've starred out any reference to the company and any external links.Hope this is okay Mods?

Industrial batteries are built of independent modular work cells (2v), which can be maintained regularly. We have developed a technology that checks and controls the state of industrial battery cells, and enables their restoration up to full original capacity. Each cell in the battery is considered an independent end-unit for quality inspection, and if a cell is found to require refurbishing, it is discharged and undergoes thorough servicing, including addition of the ***** Battery Additive at the battery refurbishing plant.

What Happens at The End of the Industrial Battery Refurbishing Process?

1. Your organization will save about 50% on ongoing battery servicing costs.
2. Industrial battery refurbishing using ****** technology restores the battery to new-battery performance levels.
3. Under our service agreement, the majority of your organization's batteries will undergo regular servicing and control, and will be covered by a perpetual guarantee.
4. We will replace severely worn batteries before starting service on new, top-quality batteries.

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