Seeking BV drivers for interviews (reward offered)

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Seeking BV drivers for interviews (reward offered)

Postby Lennard » Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:17 pm

Dear BV Fans,

I am a student at London Business School and currently working on a project for a technology company on a study on electric car drivers in the UK. (Unfortunately I cannot disclose the name of the company but they are about to enter the UK electromobility market)

For this study I am looking for volunteers for a 45-60min skype interview and can offer a £25 Amazon voucher per interviewee in return. The interviews are about public and residential charging and address the following topics:

• How can the charging experience be improved?
• What has to change about the public charging infrastructure?
• How can the offering of home chargers be optimized?

Have I raised your interest and you would like to participate in a skype interview? Then please express your interest by filling out a very short form. You can reach this form by clicking here:

I am looking forward to some interesting conversations with you!

Best Regards,

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