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Postby bobc » Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:52 pm

It is crying out for some kind of standard for the plug type. I can't help feeling that a domestic 13A plug/socket is not the ideal system for this, it's not robust, waterproof or capable of supplying more than 3kW. On the plus side - at least it is some kind of a standard!
In view of power transfer during recharging there are many considerations & I don't think we'll find a single panacea. My projected charging power will always be in the <3kW range - using economy rates with no special wiring at home or work. The high power rates are touted to give the equivalent of a petrol fill-up, but really don't get close, they seem to peak at 20mins & need the right batteries to achieve that. However the big industrial 3 phase plug/ sockets these have to use do look like a more practical proposition.
If there already is a 'standard' for the connection at one of these charging points then . . . can somebody tell me what it is ;^)

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