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Enfield Debate on Wikipedia

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2007 12:27 am
by Tam
Wikipedia started an entry on Enfield 8000s, which was short and inaccurate. There is now a much larger, and highly accurate, article being created by Constantine Adraktas, the former Chairman & MD of Enfield Automotive, and designer of the 8000.

As Constantine noted on the Enfield Electric Cars Yahoo group,
if you are interested to see what is happening:

(1) Search for WIKIPEDIA, and then, within WIKIPEDIA, search for:

(2) ENFIELD 8000

(3) User : Constantine Adraktas
See his User page and his Talk page


and, if you wish, open your own User account with WIKIPEDIA and
participate / contribute in the debate.

It is good to see some really solid information coming out about the Enfield's history, as there are a lot of contradictory "facts" quoted in various places.

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:26 am
by qdos
Indeed Wikipedia entries can be made by anyone and so they are often inaccurate It would have been fun to have seen a wikepedia entry about the Earth before the Flat Earth Society got proved wrong but then I digress.

I know little about the Enfield and so I'd not post anything myself there but I'm sure there's one or two folk here in the BVS that know oodles about them who it would be great to see sharing their knowledge in the entry Perhaps Tam you should put an entry in that points to the BVS website there's a bit on the main site under Our Cars about the Enfield there

Here is the link for you ... age_id=148

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:42 am
by Tam
Thanks QDOS - good idea (once I've puzzled out how to do it). A link makes perfect sense.