Possible to move regen to the brake pedal?

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Re: Possible to move regen to the brake pedal?

Postby harry morris » Fri Nov 13, 2015 9:41 am

Well JHON,I think the interest in the old Blingo has also taken a nose dive with the loss of EVAN we are well and truly sunk for controller repairs, if my failing memory serves me right you found something on the web telling you How many Blingos were left still registered with quite a lot on Sorn.
As for the LEAF they are utterly reliable I think the word is boring they are full of technology most of which I never used or have any use for !!! on the other hand my stepson has a black LEAF and has got an app from AMERICA costing a mere £65 and a gizmo to plug into the cars computer which tells you everything, I mean how sad is it when the gizmo tells me that there is only 18 psi in the near side tyre !!! Looks like my eyes and right boot for testing purposes are redundant !!! also shows ALL the traction battery and which cells are weak and the correct state of charge % wise and tons of other stuff right over my head, he also informs me that NISSAN have increased the traction battery guarantee from 5 to 8 years that's great will see me out.
Very simple to get neutral on the LEAF, just hold the little selector lever from its present position usually D or ECO over to the right for a second and hey presto you have neutral, well off to work now part time, cheers HARRY.

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