BVR Aug sep 14 Editorial

Have you made or bought a converted vehicle if so this is for you
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BVR Aug sep 14 Editorial

Postby Rory166 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:58 pm

I read this months editorial with interest. I doubt that it will be possible to obtain supplies of components for production vehicles at competitive prices. Traditionally spare parts are sold at a premium to the total vehicle price. The manufacturers hopefully pay less than the total vehicle price or else how would they make a profit, but it would be so difficult to access these suppliers direct. It may be possible to buy a vehicle with government subsidy and immediately break it for parts. Recently lightly damaged almost new models have been written off due to the high cost of new parts. The written off vehicles have been selling for 6000 which is well worth while I think but that is a limited supply.

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