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Test drive an EV

Postby ceririley » Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:29 am

I am very interested in buying a electric vehicle to use for short business journeys and would like to test drive a few before making a decision.

Any ideas where I can try some out?

I am based in Manchester, but there seem to be loads available in London!

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Postby qdos » Tue Sep 11, 2007 2:59 pm

Well there's a surprise! Sadly London is a bit like America. Organisations based there don't believe anything outside is worth bothering about and shouldn't really exist.

Not sure what sort of EV you are looking at but I'm sure you can try a Prius most in counties somewhere or other. I tried out some Quadricycles near Coventry at Aixam/Mega. There's members of the BVS too whom I'm sure will happily let you try their vehicles I drove a G-Wiz at Shepton Mallet earlier this year, but Going Green are London based and very much are of the "If it's outside the M25 it shouldn't exist" mentality.

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Postby aminorjourney » Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:36 am

A good start is to perhaps check out the EV-Network at http://ev-network.memberlodge.org/

It does have a couple of members in the northern regions and they may be a good place to start.

Failing that how about jumping on the train and coming down to Bristol? We have a few vehicles here!

Of course, if my evil plans go well then next summer there will be a whole host of EVs in Manchester for a day or two!

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